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Personal Information Protection of Website Users

EDGE ANIMATION STUDIO (Hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') shall be subject to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Regulations of related laws and regulations to be observed by the providers of information and communication services, such as the Telecommunications Privacy Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, Are complied with. The Company will inform you through the Privacy Policy what kind of uses and methods of personal information provided by users are being used and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.

end. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

'Personal information' means information about an individual who is alive and includes information that can identify the individual according to the name, resident registration number, etc. included in the information (the information alone can not identify a specific individual, Including those that can be easily identified and combined). Most services can be used at any time without separate user registration. However, the Company collects personal information from users through Member Services in order to provide users with better and better services including customized services.
The Company does not disclose user's personal information without prior consent of the user, and the collected information is used as follows.

First, you can develop more useful services based on the personal information provided by users. The company determines the priorities of services to be developed more efficiently based on the personal information provided by the existing users to the company when developing new services or expanding the contents, and the company rationally selects the content You can provide.

Second, most of the information and services provided by the company are mostly free of charge. In order to provide these free services, the company is able to deliver advertisements and contents appropriately to each service or menu based on accurate personal information about the users, which ultimately causes the company It is another information value. The company receives advertisements from advertisers and displays advertisements according to the types of users that advertisers want to target. It never shows or provides users' personal information to advertisers.

Third, the purpose of collection by each collected information is as follows:
1. Name, Resident Registration Number, ID, Password: Identification of the person according to the use of the service, providing various services according to the customer
2. E-mail address, phone number, and mobile phone number: Provide the latest information such as notification of notification, confirmation of the person's identity, ensuring smooth communication path including complaint handling, new service and event information
3. Address, phone number: Obtain the correct shipping address when billing and delivering goods
4. Other options: Resources for providing personalized customer service

I. Personal information items collected by the company and collection methods

When a user joins a membership service to use a member service, the company enters the information necessary for providing the service online. The essential information you receive when you sign up is your name, resident registration number, date of birth, login ID, password, email, social security number, and enrollment path. Also, in order to provide high quality service, user can enter optional information such as interest, phone number, etc.

All. Retention and use period of personal information collected by company

While you are using the services that are provided to the Company as members of the Company, the Company keeps your personal information continuously and uses them to provide services. However, at the bottom of the 'Privacy Policy' bar. Information deleted or modified by the member in accordance with the procedures and methods described in the 'matters concerning the user's own personal information management (viewing, correction, deletion, etc.)', It is deleted and can not be viewed or used anymore.

In principle, your personal information shall be destroyed when the purpose of collecting personal information or the purposes for which it was provided is accomplished as follows: However, in the following case, we keep the member information. In the event that it is necessary to preserve the information in accordance with the relevant laws such as the Commercial Act, Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., the Company keeps the member information for a certain period determined by the relevant laws and regulations. In this case, the Company will only use the information it keeps for the purpose of keeping it.

- Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
- Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years
- Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

※ The company's privacy policy will be effective on March 01, 2016.
I have read, understood and agree to the Privacy Policy. (necessary)


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